The Modern Issues For Gun Control

People are rightly worried about their safety when shootings can happen in the institutions of learning where they send their children to school. When we are at peacetime here in Canada, and yet we find ourselves at war with ourselves coming to understand that the only ruling truth is that there is no way to predict when or where the next lunatic can pop up from. We need guns for defense from other people with guns. Its kind of a paradox.  But the truth of the situation is, ignorant people are most often the most dangerous people.

There are a few simple actions that you can take to help make your home and neighborhood a safer place. First, don’t let your children be counted among the ignorant in the world. You as a parent have a responsibility to teach your children their responsibilities as a citizen of the world. These include common courtesy, and precaution against treating other people badly. If you are a gun owner, it is also your job to teach your children about gun ownership. Share with them the responsibility of keeping the family safe.

The argument for gun control is, essentially: human life is valuable, killing humans is wrong, guns kill humans, so, limit access to guns to protect human life. Liberals’ wish to protect human life, however, does not apply to everyone, since under their policies some life is not valuable, like those of the preborn.

When society arbitrarily dictates which life has value, it does two things: (1) fosters a culture where not all human life has value, so some humans can be discarded or treated less than others, to the point of killing them; and (2) says humans can arbitrarily decide which human life has value. So, aborting some (preborn) is warranted and morally acceptable because they do not have value, while aborting others (born) is unwarranted and immoral because they have value.

It’s contradictory to argue that access to an instrument (guns) should be limited because a class of people (born) have value, but simultaneously that access to other instruments (vacuum, uterine currette, syringe, embryotomy scissors, Dubois embryotomy decapitating scissors) should not be limited because a class of people (preborn) have no value.

Gun control in its current incarnation is a classic liberal solution. It’s a paint job for a crumbling house. Mainstream approaches to gun control treat mass shootings as isolated phenomena rather than central features of a divisive capitalism that pits working-class people against each other and promotes violence as a method of expression. Assailants have had a lot more in common than guns: they often found themselves at the nexus of alienation, atomization, and xenophobia.