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Sexual Assault Defence

Sexual Assault charges are taken very seriously by law officials and the courts. It can lead not only to high fines and jail time but also result in social, work and travel consequences.

There are several types of sexually assault charges in Canadian law, all of which fall under the Criminal Code.

Sexual Assault – This can cover any unwanted sexual interaction that was allegedly forced on the victim.
Sexual Assault with a Weapon – If the alleged victim was forced into the act by the use or threat of a weapon, this charge will be laid.
Aggravated Sexual Assault – This is a charge reserved for the most serious incidents. When the alleged victim has suffered serious, deforming or even life-threatening injuries the Crown will apply an Aggravated Sexual Assault charge.

It is important to note that there is no time limit on these types of charges. In fact, we have experience handling cases where the alleged crime happened decades ago.

Because sexual assault is considered a serious crime, it is essential you have a skilled lawyer with a strong background in securing a withdrawal of the charges.

The mere allegation of sexual assault can have significant adverse impact on a person’s life. This type of criminal offence charge may lead to disruption of personal relationships and even job loss. A conviction may result in jail time, entry in sex offender registries, social restrictions and difficulties with finding employment in the future. That is why it is crucial to get professional legal assistance without any kind of delay. Sexual Assault Lawyer Burlington is here to assist you with everything that you need from providing detailed legal advice to representing you at bail hearing and reviews, trail and appeal.

Our job is to help you in the most competent and effective way. That is why our team has experienced criminal attorneys who have litigated various sexual assaulted cases. This is a field which receive a great amount of attention from the media and society as a whole and we make sure that we are updated on everything that is going on in it. By keeping track of the latest developments, we are able to build the best defence strategies for our clients. Our high rate of success in the past gives us confidence that we can handle even very specific cases and bring the best possible outcome to our clients.

You are certainly well aware of the fact that sexual assault accusations are extremely serious. However, you may not know that such cases are also extremely complex even if they do not appear to be on the surface. One of the reasons for this is that the concept of consent is subject to great interpretation. Additionally, the personal life and more specifically the past sexual experiences of both the accused and the complainant can be subject to investigation and interviewing. Another factor which complicates maters further is that medical and scientific evidence often plays a major role. The task is challenging, but the best Sexual Assault Lawyer Burlington is fully up to it. You simply need to reach us to get help fast.

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At the initial stage, our lawyer will clarify your situations and the different options available. You will get answers to your questions in great detail. This will help you to make the right choice regarding legal representation. If you pick us, your counselor will start working on your case right away. The professional will use all possible legal tools to secure your release on bail which is acceptable to you. Both you and your sureties will be fully prepared for appearing in front of the judge.