Burlington Criminal Lawyers

Do you need a criminal defence lawyer in Burlington?

Having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side is the best defence.  Serving the Burlington, Ontario area, Hepburn Law defends its clients from a wide range of criminal matters from initial stage of the bail hearing through to trials and appeals.  With our extensive knowledge of the law and court procedures.


Competent Legal Representation in Burlington

Our Law Firm provides its clients with the individualized case specific legal representation that will best suit your needs. We are a local firm that helps clients in Burlington and is familiar with the proceedings and is ‘no stranger’ to area’s Courts including the Milton Court House. We have successfully represented our clients on a wide range of charges and offences. No case is considered too small and all cases will be handled personally, from start to finish – we are with you every step of the way.


We Identify Your Problems.

Facing criminal charges such as assault, crime, rape, victimization or even manslaughter can be a cumbersome and painful experience. These charges may deny one freedom and jeopardize his/her daily activities. Well, with a lot in mind including possibilities of rotting in jail or having to incur extra expenses, we at Burlington Criminal Lawyers always have a solution. More often, Burlington lawyers will give you ideas on how to deal with the criminal charges imposed. Some of the issues that are likely to take center stage include the credible evidence to be laid on board, how to form a formidable defense or how you can seek charter exoneration.

We Offer a Solution.

Entrusting Burlington Criminal Defense Attorney with your criminal charges and any other lawsuit is short in the arm. We are experts who are endowed with vast experience in criminal law. We always give conclusive advice in a situation where the case is porous and advise accordingly. Also, we identify the strengths of a case and give different statements to shield one from counterattack. Our core aim is to ensure that you get a fair and just ruling during the process of legal action.

It is also our role to represent our clients in court during their busy schedule. We participate fully in the courtroom to ensure a sound judgment is imposed to our customers. Also, we do ensure that our clients rights get not infringed and that the legal interests are executed entirely with due diligence.

We provide sufficient information and legal education to our client to equip them with informative tips on how to handle court cases. We ensure our customers get the right information given by the court for example schedules and the expectations. Our medium of communication is through phone calls, emails and Skype depending on client prevalence. This we do to ensure that our customers are always updated on the court proceedings.

Our Benefits

Working with Burlington Criminal Law Firm has many advantages for the clients. Having been in the legal profession for quite a while now, we are capable of delivering high-quality advocacy that will ensure that our customers triumph over the cases facing them.

There are many benefits that our members enjoy for example:

  • We give attention to our clients’ issues
  • We negotiate on behalf of our clients
  • Our channels of communication are open
  • We always keep our customers updated on new developments
  • We defend our clients diligently while adhering to the constitutional terms
  • We carry out research, interview witnesses and predict possible outcomes to which we formulate conclusive possible course of action.

What makes us Unique?

Everyone wishes to get proper personnel to handle their cases. Burlington Criminal Lawyers ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with how we handle legal matters. As prolific legal practitioners, we are proud of delivering what is entrusted to us. We ensure that each client is attended to professionally regardless of the advocacy required. We also adhere to fact finding and ensuring that client’s rights and privileges are protected.